The loneliness of aloneness.

Its been 3 years tomorrow since my husband died of a long illness of vascular dementia and the pain of loss is worse now than 3 years ago.
Yesterday,despite the horrendous weather i drove to Memorial Woodlands to place flowers and a wreath on his grave, and because of deep snow i struggled to find his grave, but luckily the vase was still visible ,and the feelings of grief was over whelming ,but i did it, and my David would have been so proud, but he would have admonished me for braving the bad weather.
He was a very humble man despite his high office in the Royal Navy, If only i could be half that man.?


Hello, you are an incredibly brave person to have struggled through snow to place your flowers on your husbands grave. This is the power of everlasting love and yes he will be so proud of you because he knows how much getting there meant to you. The pain of loss is something nobody can imagine unless you have experienced it and the more love you shared the stronger the pain becomes.
Sending a hug
Jen x

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