The loss of both parents

Hello , I dont know where to start… I lost my Dad (68) in Dec and my Mum (70) sadly passed away on Tuesday. Im heartbroken at just dont know how I will get through it all. Both my parents passing was very sudden and not expected and it feels so cruel to have lost them both within 4 months. My only comfort is knowing they are together again and with my sister who sadly passed 13 years ago. I have a very supportive husband who has been my rock and lots of family & friends have offered to help but at present I just feel so numb , its like deja vu. I havent even began to grief for my Dad and now my mum too. I have an overwhelming feeling of sadness x


Im so sorry for your double loss thats awful i lost my dad 6 months ago an its hard enough losing 1 parent so losing 2 is double the heartbreak its so hard in the beginning i was full of shock an my head was all over the place its just so difficult to deal with grief im really glad you have ppl to support you thru this sad time all u can really do is take each day as it comes an just know that your not alone.

Thankyou , I am so sorry for your loss its a horrible thing to go through. I am completly lost and it feels so surreal , one min I am crying the next I am talking as if its happened to someone else . So many questions!

Those are no ages, at all. :pensive: Far too young to be taken from you. Look after yourself, and take all of the support that you’re offered :yellow_heart:.

Thankyou , we are so shocked , both passing were not expected. Taking each day as it comes

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We have a date for the service it now feels real and the reality of it all is hittting hard. Im feeling completly overwhelmed with all the practicality of things we need to get done. I keep telling muself one day at time but also feel smothered at the thought of everything