The loss of my beautiful husband

Hi I lost my husband on 24/11/2020, we have 3 beautiful kids together which have all been my rock. David had just turned 50 he was born with congenital heart disease and has fought it his whole life. I keep reliving that awful night over and over again and asking myself if there was anything more I could have done. He was at home palliative care which all went wrong at the end with the let down from professionals. I just don’t know how to cope and get through the day I’m unable to return to work at present time as I can’t talk about David without breaking down and have been taking panic attacks. Is this normal?


Hi very sorry for your loss. All is normal what you are feeling I have not returned to work it’s been 9 months for me. One reason stopping me returning the trust I work for let my husband down and been investigating. I took my husband home from hospital palliative care was put in place but died the day he got home. I found with the panic attacks was when I was really stressed not as bad now. Early days for you and myself. I have 2 grown up children one still at home and a granddaughter which keeps me going . Take care x


Ty @Kim5 I also have to deal with an investigation it’s made things so much harder for us as a family but feel I need to do this for David xx

Same it’s just so heartbreaking it’s like a tennis match with me every one passing the book but still I will continue for answers to stop it happening to someone else. Keep chatting on here xx

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Hi I lost my husband in September in a road traffic accident. There is to be an inquest but still no date set as yet as the police investigation report took sometime. My husband’s loss appears to be a tragic accident. Were together 42 years, married 38. I am absolutely distraught. We were looking forward to retirement and spending time with our new grandson. All I do is cry. I started to suffer panic attacks but these - for now - have subsided. I am able to see my grandson as parents are key workers and I provide the child-care. Tier 4 prevents me from seeing our daughter. Our grandson serves as a temporary distraction from the pain but this returns when I am in the house alone and remember that my husband adored our little grandson and it breaks my heart he is not here to see him grow up. Days when not childminding, I barely survive and have to drag myself out of bed. I have not returned to work - cannot face speaking to people.


Hi feelings are terrible we go through like you say our grandchildren are a distraction but when alone emotions in every possible way hit us like a ton of bricks. So sorry for your tragic loss . X

Hi Kim

Thank you. Yes being alone is the most horrendous time. Emotions are unleashed and the grief just pulls you under.


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