The loss of my daughter

I am a mother of 3 but in April 2019 we lost our beautiful daughter Claire she was the middle child and she was 43 years of age …She was a happy lovely child but due to the pressure of life.and some mental health issues she started drinking a lot which caused her to have more issues eg.head injury and epilepsy .She went into hospital March 15th 2019 and after a week the consultant told us death would imminent within 60 days we had to go to hospital every day for about a month and watch my beautiful precious daughter fade away it was the most horrific t bing l had ever done in my life .We were praying for a miracle but it never came we always supported her throughout her whole life .l just can’t get over it l cry most days especially when l am sitting doing nothing l beat myself up because l was not there holding here hand when she passed away l can,t forgive myself and keep reliving the the days she was dying Lt was our 2nd Christmas without her and missed her so much .l know people will say she brought this on herself and she could have stopped but she did have help from everyone but her demons got the better of her .l miss and think about her every day and don,t think l,ll ever get over her death l will never be the same l feel guilty if l laugh l miss her so much people might say but you have 2 other children which l dearly love but there is a part of my heart which is broken.

Thank you for replying you have certainly made me realise that my daughter was not the only struggling with her every day life it is just so sad there are so many people out there struggling every hour of every day .l hope one day l can find peace and remember the happy times with her .

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Hi Jan 4 my heart go’s out to you I lost my wife Dec 14 2019 I’m 57 years old I cry a lot I understand the wrench in your heart and the question you ask about your self if you have a family hug them then hug them again as they are the ones that will eventually get you somewhere safer when nobody knows I still trying to get their in my time please take and don’t look for blame as there’s none God bless

Thank you Peter for taking the time to read my post l am so sorry for the loss of your wife and if you have been together for a long time it must be heartbreaking for you .l hope you have a family like me which will help you through these sad times .l think we both know that there will always be times harder than other times butwe have our memories of them and photos when l feel really down l get all my daughter’s photos and look at them which is still sad but makes me feel better because l remember the time the photo was taken .