The loss of my husband

It’s been nearly 14 months since my husband passed away suddenly our son’s 20th birthday is coming soon and he’s struggling to cope too. My husband was only 52 when he passed away i was 45 I’m looking for some support for myself and my son and daughter who’s 25 that’s why I came to this site. I know I’m not alone but I’ve never felt so lonely we’d spent every day together for 27 years finding this situation extremely difficult.

Your son was so young when your husband died, it is no wonder he is struggling.
Will he considered talking to a counciling service?

Cruse Bereavement Care is a specialist bereavement support service. I got counselling from them when my husband died and it was invaluable. See more here -

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Yes he is considering that he works again now so I hope that he can fit councling into his life he’s lost without him. Wants him back like we all do but he’s so young to have lost his dad. I’ll try talking to him about this service as it’s helping me already. Just to be able to talk about it helps as I don’t want to bother anyone else their getting on with their lives while our lives are stuck. He needs help asap he’s not been in touch with me for a couple of days I do worry about him he’s only 19 nearly 20

Hi Louise, both you and your family have had a dreadful experience: to lose a most beloved husband and father is devastating and life changing in ways that you cannot imagine. It’s only human for our emotions to be out of control at this time and it’s a strength to recognise when we need to go outside of the family for support
I would really recommend the Sue Ryder bereavement counselling.: it was a Godsend to me last year as they supported me through a very challenging time. It’s on line so really convenient to access as well. Take Care

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I did recommended them to him. Since then I looked on here very crucial support at such a sad time. I hope he finds help soon thank you

Welcome Louisa
I’m so sorry for your loss, like you I lost my husband suddenly at 57 in February my son was just 23 and my daughter 17; like everyone has said I would recommend counselling, we were lucky and have Macmillan still to this day ,but I have found this site such a great help to chat to others as you can feel so lonely .
Take care sending you and you family a hug x

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Thank you so much x