The loss of my Mandy

Hi all.

I can share with you all a part of her journey, from around October she started to record Tik Tok diaries , she was diagnosed with bladder cancer at the end of May last year .

Go watch her story

Tik Tok , search mandynic1

It gives you an insight into her story, some good , mostly bad , at least I have this memory to watch and listen to.


Hi glen I’ve been meaning to write to you about Mandy’s Tim Tok page I was looking at it a few days ago and I so wished I had one for my husband it must bring you some comfort I have a little video of my husband and it is so precious what I wanted to say is the pictures of you and Mandy at the beach and South Shields is were I live which were so lovely to see my husband and I spent a lot of time there and I often take my mother to the sand haven hotel for lunch then you said you came from Blyth my husbands from Blyth Barras avenue strange what grief does to you that you write to strangers wishing you well on this awful sad journey xxxx

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Thanks Angie I live across the road from the beach .

Having these videos is something to watch back , I don’t watch them all just the nice ones. They make me smile , I have them forever , she was amazing

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