The loss of my soulmate

I have loved my husband since I was 16 years old and we were together for nearly 50 years untill he lost his battle with the dreaded cancer on the 15/10/22.
He went through so many big operations and treatment over a 4 yr period with hopes raised and then dashed time and time again.
I was his carer during this time.
I never imagined the emotional and physical pain could be like it is now,I’m totally lost.


Hi jayne im so sorry for your loss ive recently lost my husband to camcer and i dont think anything can prepare anyone for this, like you i cared for my husband but not for as long but he became do depended on me as he suffered from horrible panic attacks and hated to be alone so i was never able to leave him so im finding it really difficult going from someone needing you 24/7 to being totally alone myself its heart breaking, reading everones stories on here but i do get some sort of comfort. as it is absolutely awful there are so many people in very similar situations and sad as it is im beginning to feel a bit more normal even if it is in a very abnormal way :sob:

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Thank you so much for responding to my post.
I’m so sorry too for your loss.I dont think anything or anybody can prepare you for this surreal situation.
Its comforting to know that there are people out there that can relate to how we are feeling.
I’ve put on a brave front for so long I 've now completely lost the plot!
Take care x

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Hi @Amanda111 and @Jayne6

Yes, the loss of the love of your life is overwhelming in its severity isn’t it? I can’t imagine the hole it leaves when you have Ben needed so much - then nothing but emptiness.
I send you much love and my prayers.

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