The loss of my wonderful husband, soulmate and best friend

I lost my wonderful husband nearly 9 months ago. Due to a terrible illness cystic fibrosis we had a hard fight to keep him well all of the time. The last four years of his life were restricted due to him being on oxygen and waiting for double lungs - the call never came and he was taken so suddenly aged 50 and days after we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Too sudden to talk or say our goodbyes. He has been my world since I was 15 years old and I am truly heartbroken. I miss our life terribly and will never understand why he did not get the gift of life. I have cried every day.

hi Heather
very sorry for the loss of your many people on this site are going through the same tragic loss of a partner.sadly the sense of loss and crying are part and parcel for most of us,we all look for ways to hopefully help us cope with the loss from day to day.there are lots of very kind and considerate people who will not doubt offer you words of comfort and support.hope you are getting some support from your family and friends
regards ian

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Thankyou. I’ve tried to manage this the best I can and do have some good family and friends but I know it’s tough for them to see me crying all the time. I am sending a hug to you for whatever brought you to this page too x


hi Heather sorry for taking months to reply.
me ive written so many threads about my losses.and though I could talk and write about them,i try to reply to people with out diverting the topic of the person whose started the thread.i can say im far from coping though my posts recently may give that impression because im not putting my heartaches etc on those threads.
I know you say about crying in front of your friends being tough for them.
you like lots on here are going through emotional turmoil.and nothing any one can say really helps .though its nice when people show they care for you.
we find inner strength from some where to carry on we are all very different and have to find our own coping mechanism,and reading a few threads give us a little insight into what others do to try get through the days and nights.hopefully you will find your own way of coping .please take care and try be kind to your self.