The moment that you left me

The moment that you left me
my heart was split in two
One side was filled with memories
the other died with you.

I often lay awake at night
when the world is fast asleep
And take a walk down memory lane
with tears upon my cheek.

Remembering you is easy
I do it every day
But missing you is a heartache
that never goes away.

I hold you tightly within my heart
and there you shall remain
Life has gone on without you
but it can never, ever be the same.


@Alone1 sums our life up now perfectly.


Just wanted to let you know your not on your own - those words are exactly what I’m feeling. Can’t believe this is happening to me- never thought I’d be like this.


Thankyou Alone1 that’s really beautifully written.

It is really as though there is a chasm between the before and after, something I didn’t quite expect to be so vast.

I knew for ~ 4 years that my wife was going to die, and then as the months and then weeks became evident it was not far off, I thought that I had prepared a place in my mind and heart for how the world be after. I was very naïve about that.


Thank you for your much appreciated messages.
It will be 148 weeks tomorrow that I lost Alan, and I still cry every day. I miss him so much.
Take care, and a big hug for you all x


I know exactly how you all feel.
Today i had a total meltdown could not stop crying. Was trying to take snow off the greenhouse as about 6inch deep and heavy on geeenhouse. He loved the garden and greenhouse his sanctuary peaceful space i was just do stressed trying to keep on top of things but could not stop crying. I guessi just miss him 6 months ago he would have been around why did he have to go. If only we had an answer i feel so alone now wach of us must ask.why suddent death no symptoms so :broken_heart: hard.
I just fe so sad today hopefully tomkrrow i wake up in better mood
Take care
Lynne x


Thank you @Alone1, you have perfectly put into meaningful words, just how I feel. I lost my dear husband nearly eleven months ago and missing him gets harder. We all have to get through Christmas as best we can but at times, it’s going to be torture.


Me neither it’s such a terrible loss

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Beautiful words and so true :broken_heart:

Tears just well up in my eyes… looking towards that day now…

So beautiful.

Beautifully written.
Exactly how I am feeling :broken_heart:
Thank you so much for sharing.

@Alone1 . That is so lovely and unfortunately so true. Xx

Written so lovely and so very true. It will be 15 weeks on Wednesday since I lost the love of my life. We were together more than 36 years. The moment his heart stopped beating part of mine stopped too and I’ve not felt the same since. I have massive meltdowns and every day is a day survived not a day of living. Seeing couples walking hand in hand breaks my heart that this has been stolen from me. I dream of the time when we can be together again.


Hi @Annabel60
I think this is how each of us now feels.
For me its been 6 months and i thought i was doing ok however meltdown this weekend felt so upset could not stop crying. Dont know if its the weather snow christmas songs being played on radio or g
realisation of 1st Christmas on my own.
Having to deal with looking at care homes for my mum who is in
hospital .
Waiting for councelling will be after the year now.
After this weekend i hope this week will be better
Take care
Lynne x


@Annabel60 @Galaxy75 I think it’s the snow and everyone’s excitement for Christmas ( they have ramped up the lights around my town ) that has made it so much harder . Just getting the snow off my car made me cry . I was looked after so very well . My hugs and love Julia x


Yep everyday is a day survived not a day of living - couldn’t agree more!
When I see couples walking holding hands - I quietly thought to myself please look after each other, take care & make the most of your precious time together. The moment I lost my beloved, my world fell apart I am now so lost without him.
Sending big hugs & strength to everyone x


Yes another day of survival.
Life really is too short we really dont know whats around the corner.
Just hear of workmate passing away suddenly under 65.
We all feel terrible with our loved ones gone :broken_heart: but we are not alone people here all feel the same. Keep posting your feelings it really does help


So true, life’s too short! I go to the cemetery every weekend and keep seeing a new grave being dug up now and then - so sad!
Yes, it certainly helps to share what we’re feeling and to know we’re not alone.
Sending strength to everyone x

Beautiful words, exactly how I feel. It’s been nearly 10 months now and approaching my first Christmas without my husband of 47 years, is something I am dreading. A month after Christmas will be the first anniversary of losing him. I think I’m doing OK then the smallest thing has me in floods of tears, I am thankful for my two little kittens, who help me get through the day.