The news

I try not to watch these days. Nothing but bad news, danger, disaster. Surely the world is in the worst state ever. Rising prices, covid - endless.

I switch it off, I read, I walk my dog, I do my garden and I make nice food. I feel there is little else I can control but my own life, so I save energy. I also don’t interfere in other people’s affairs, it means peace. Peace is all I ask now.


Dear Rachel50

Thank you for sharing our post. I agree with you as I am sure many on here will.

The news is depressing, so it is a nice change to put music or the radio on. It is nice to read a good book, make lovely food and do more of what you love instead of just sitting and focusing on the TV.

Sadly the world seems to be in a mess but I am sure in time it will settle down and improve, it has to. It does make you feel good and peaceful doesn’t it doing everything you have said. It is good for you to have a change of routine.

Your post could start a thread as to what everyone is reading. I am currently reading The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse and recommend it if you like a thriller. What are you reading?

Enjoy your walks with your dog and enjoy your garden time.

Take care.


Hi @Rachel50, I don’t watch the news much either, it’s to depressing. Only see it in the mornings mainly for the time so I’m not late for work.
I like gardening too and I read alot, following Pepsi’s suggestion at moment I have three books on the go.
The Butterfly Box by Santa Montefiore
The Things He Said by Stephen Cottrell
It’s OK That You Not OK by Megan Devine
The last one was on the Sue Ryder recommended reading list.
I much prefer to read a book instead of watching TV these days.

I’ll never be okay again. I was doing yoga today and I imagined my husband holding me and walking hand in hand. I silently told him I loved him and felt a moments peace inside. Tears then came to my eyes and I had to breathe deeply and pull myself together so nobody could see my pain. I will never be okay. I will carry my grief with me as I go through the rest of my life. People will presume I am okay. They will never understand until it comes to them. I feel for them x

I have just posted for the first time under another thread ‘Anxiety’. I feel exactly the same as you. I don’t think I will ever feel any different. I wish there was a face-to-face bereavement group in the area where I could go and talk to people who are in the same position. I think it may help. I have been reading the posts on here for some time and can relate to so many.

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I’ve just begun Jean Plaidy as I love historical novels. Far back in time relaxes me.

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