The night is to long

The night are so long laying awake think sleep is the hardest thing at the moment and the night sitting on your own now the light is go and it’s dark by 6.30 not only has the light gone out of our lives the season is joining in to I am not looking forward to the winter and even short days it makes it worse some how if that is possible I got up last night and read for a time I just having a bad day that all and I needed to talk sleep is not something that is happening for me at the moment it’s been 10 weeks and it seems like a lifetime I say good night to Alan every night his ases sit in the sper bed room I tell him we will find each uther again sometime in the future but the night are with out dout the worst having no family and everyone with there own lifes thank you for this site it is a life line x

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I know how this feels. I understand. Thinking of you.

I’m the same I lie awake thinking
Why dear lord did you take my son, all I hear is him suffering so bad the last 3 days of his life x

Its 15 months since my beautiful son aged 29 flew with the angels. I know what you are going through. I still cannot sleep at night. I have the curtains open and stare in the sky all hours of the night wondering where is that beautiful boy of mine. Where is he? Why did he not heal? Why did the Lord not hear our prayers? Where is my boy? My heart aches endlessly and I cry non stop …I keep getting visions of him in so much pain, dying a very wretched and painful death. I cannot seem to wipe that thought out of my mind. I know exactly what you are going through. I hurts endlessly. …the nights are the longest …never ending …
Sending you big comforting hugs. xx

Bless your heart. I’m the same at night. It’s soooooooo long. I try to keep awake because of the nightmares. I have to believe the same as you … we will find each other again one day. I try to read or listen to music or watch tv but it’s so hard isnt it.

Sending you hugs from me x

Hi … I’m so sorry for the loss of your son … hei is our there for sure. You will be together again one day. I lost both adult sons … one seven years ago and one two years ago then my husband died five mi the ago. Our mi da work overtime at night …, I wish none of them had had to suffer so much pain … I wish it could have been me instead. But my husband wouldn’t have been any good on his own. All he was worried about in the last few days in the hospice was leaving me on my own bless him. It’s so hard to find motivation to do anything. I do t really care about much now. I have three grandchildren …18, 15?and 11. My grand daughter goes off to Oxford 8th October so will miss her but I’m happy for her … her dad would be so proud. But its sooooooo hard isn’t it. I hope we can reach some sort of acceptance. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be learning from this that’s for sure.

Love abd understanding from me to you x

Hi… I’m exactly the same… i just can’t sleep… it’s awful… the doctor has given me sleeping tablets… but i don’t like taking them… maybe you would benefit from taking them if your having a really bad night… speak to your doctor about them… the loss of my Mum has only been 5wks yesterday… but nothing seems easy at the minute… i miss her so much… it still doesn’t feel real… the fact that she has gone… you’ve done the right thing by coming on here… I’ve found it really helpful… I’m also having bereavement counselling on here… which I’m hoping will help… you could always ring the Samaritans when your having a bad night… they are open 24hrs a day… hope you feel better soon xx

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