The Nonnegotiable Sadness of Grief | Psychology Today


Hi, so much of this makes perfect sense, thanks for posting.

Thankyou for sharing this. It’s helped me today because it’s one of my more difficult days. It’s amazing how words can help


Thank you so much for sharing these very true words…
When I feel that sadness(which constantly ebbs and flows) for some reason I feel very close to my husband who I lost suddenly 6 months ago…it is almost a release to feel the sadness… It is as strong as the feeling of happiness… maybe the two are intertwined…


Thanks Mrs C. I was going to share this article myself and then saw you had done it already. Great minds…:wink:

It’s a very good piece and worth a read. Sadness is what I feel the most and sometimes it can be overwhelming. x

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Thank you MrsColt that was very interesting and very true in several points in my case.

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Thank you for sharing, this speaks volumes, and explains alot. This weekend has been one of those sadness moments.

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That’s exactly how I feel but haven’t been able to put into words x