The Online Community is getting a new look

Hello everyone,

We are always working to improve the community, and to make sure it’s as safe, supportive and easy to use as it can be. I wanted to let you know that the Sue Ryder Online Community will be getting an updated look. There won’t be any changes to how the site works, just in how it looks.

Why are you changing the look of the community?

All of Sue Ryder’s Online Bereavement Support services are getting a new look. Our Grief Guide self-help platform was the first to be updated, and the Online Community is next. We know that some people use more than one of our Online Bereavement Support services, and this will mean they have a similar look and feel to each other.

The updated look also addresses some issues around accessibility that had been identified. The new look will make the community easier to use.

When will the new look be applied?

We will be updating the look of the community at 9.30am on Wednesday the 5th of April. It will take about an hour. There won’t be any site downtime - you can continue to use the community as normal during this period. Things may look a little different however as we add the new visuals.

Will anything else be changing?

No - at the moment, we aren’t introducing any new features onto the community, we are just updating how it looks.

Thank you, as ever, for the support that you give and receive on your community.

Take care,


Just giving this a little bump as a reminder,

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