the pain is to much for me to cope with

hi im caroline and this is very new to me

hi Caroline
sorry you felt the need to join a site were we wish we hadn’t needed to join.
if you read a few posts reply and tell your story,you will find the members very friendly and
helpful.sadly we have all lost a close family member or friend and some of us are barely coping.
but plenty of the members will offer comfort.hope you can find your own coping mechanism and maybe make a few friends along the way on this wonderful site.


Hi Caz
I have only recently lost somebody (4th July) and came on this site as I saw there are people with similar problems to me , sure if you put on your story more people will interact ,I have had some lovely well meaning replies to my wife’s loss and they have been appreciated
All the best

Hi Caroline, this was very new to us all at one point as well but obviously you are here because you have suffered a loss, if you can tell us who has passed and how you are feeling and coping we can understand more about what has brought you here and you will get responses x