The passing of a beloved dog

This is my story of my boy Bunty, the 14.5 year old Yorkshire Terrier.

My boy passed peacefully away on the morning of Monday 3rd January 2022. Bunty stayed at home with us for 26 hours afterwards, in that time we had one last night with him, one last morning and all of the last kisses with him.

We drove Bunty to a private dog crematorium on the afternoon of Tuesday 4th January. Bunty was wrapped in his fluffy blankets, with his crocodile teddy - inside his favourite bed… We spent a further hour with Bunty in the chapel of rest, where Somewhere Over The Rainbow played behind us whilst we told Bunty what a good boy he had always been; and to enjoy all the chippy sausages and kisses in doggy heaven. :rainbow:

I collected Bunty’s ashes on Thursday 6th January, he is home and now sits above the warm radiator with his plaque, paw print and candle that’s lit from morning til night.

I had Bunty for my 10th birthday present off my Mum & Dad. May I say he will always be the best present, even when I’m old and frail. He was never treated like a dog, always like the baby he was. Bunty loved his cute jumpers, bandanas and T-shirts. He had more clothes than me! Bunty thoroughly enjoyed his walks across the canal - you’d often find us watching the geese for a short while, just before he’d yap and pull me along again as he was bored of the scenery. 🥲

My heart has truly been broken and ripped out since he passed. I physically, mentally and emotionally ache from head to toe. My purpose in life now feels nonexistent. My daily life feels like a chore to carry on with. Why does nobody teach us about grief and heartbreak from a young age?

I feel nobody really knows what it’s like to lose an animal until you do. I hope my grieving eases eventually, and I can hopefully give another dog the love and home they deserve.

Best wishes,
Nicky x


Dear Nicky your Bunty sounds a wonderful dog and feel how much you loved him in your tribute to him. I can empathise with how you must be feeling for I too lost my border collie Merlin and Star within 3 weeks of each other it broke my heart . People don’t always understand the grief we feel when losing our furbabies. They will be in our hearts always. My best wishes and love to you. Jenny X.


Hello Nicky, how sad that your beautiful dog had to go and if my cat went I would be devastated. There’s a few organisations that help bereaved pet owners, the one below also have free phone line.
When we loss someone special it takes time to come to terms with our loss, take little steps and be kind to yourself. S xx

phone 08000966606

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It’s been nearly 10 weeks since Bunty has been gone. 10 whole weeks. Almost 9 weeks since I wrote my original post. Time really does fly by, but I wish it wouldn’t.

I can’t say the grieving process has got better, I can’t say if it’s got worse. I just know I still feel as numb as I did on the 3rd of January when he passed away in front of me.

I miss him every second, of each and every day and I always will. - I’ve recently been sent some photos and videos of Bunty from when he was 6 weeks old, up until he was 3 years old; I’ve got the other years on my old devices. They are so treasurable.

Nicky x


Hello Nicky, I am sorry that you are grieving so badly for your little friend. It really doesn’t make much difference between a human or a animal we still grieve.
You have brought back a memory from my childhood, we lived on a farm, up in the Yorkshire hills and I had a pet cow and I still feel sadness that she had to be sold when we sold the farm. I now realised that I grieved for that animal, she was called Lizzy. I know I would be devastated if the cat I have died, my heart goes out to you.
My friend lost her two dogs and said she wouldn’t get another but she did and would not be without her little sausage dog. We are always here for you. S xx

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I hear you Nicky. Lovely photos to treasure. My beauty boy passed away last April after a short illness. Still I miss him terribly. His sister isn’t in the best of health now, due to ageing issues. Both Vince and Meg have been the most precious of pets and by my side since my husband’s passing 5 years ago in June. There’s no doubt about it that our pets give us great joy, comfort, companionship and then our hearts are broken. It’s difficult to not focus on their loss when we really should try to focus on their wonderful life and all that they gave us.

With love and understanding. xx


Cute really cute I know how you feel I lost my jack Russell Gypsy in 2018 she had cancer and had to be put down. We brought her home and buried her in her favourite place in garden with her Teddy. We planted a rose for her, maybe you could plant one for Bunty. My husband never got over it she was his baby a real daddy’s girl now my husband has gone to and I like to think they are together again.

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