The Path

I’m older now, I can’t deny,
Watching as the years roll by
In unity we walk the course
Both growing old, we cannot pause

And then one day the rules are changed
I’m on my own and how it pains
On every level you can’t see
This cancer is consuming me

Every corner, every drawer
Every cupboard, every door
I’m scared to look in case I see
A memory that’s killing me

Wherever I turn, whatever I do
I can’t unsee the parts of you
Please tell me how I manage this
I’m at a loss, I’m in a ditch

Early days, that’s what they say
I’m trying, but things won’t go away
Give it time, that’s what it needs
But all the time my heart still bleeds

And so I tread along the path
I must move forward, can’t look back
I’m older now, just as before
That will not change, it just feels more

…for everyone that understands :heavy_heart_exclamation:


How lovely :heart:


So lovely and true, certainly hits the spot💕

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Dear UnityMan,
Your poem touched my soul and the words express exactly how I feel even though I have been on my own for a while now…
Did you compose the poem yourself? If so I’m sure you have spoken how many of us feel.
Thank you.
Love Jenny

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Thank you for that. Yes it’s mine…Sandie used to write poetry but I never have. We used to play in a musical duo for 12 years, though I’ve played all my life. I’ve written songs but never poetry. Since I lost Sandie I have been unable to play music, but for some reason I have written 25 poems and counting…it’s been cathartic. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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That’s fabulous :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Well I hope you post some more of your meaningful poems on the site as I’m sure they will help many people like myself who can’t put into words how they feel…
Thank you, Jenny


There is one more called Universe…posted already…thank you for your kind words…if it helps anyone I’m glad❣️


That is really good poem, and we all can relate, it’s really comforting. Thank you🙏

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