The song just had to play

This morning I went to the grave of a person who used to like a mum to me. I haven’t been in such along time. The lady was my partners mum she died 7 years ago today April 18th 2017 this is few months after I lost my mum.
I was with my partners dad in the car we’d just left the cemetery and this song came. It just had to play. Instantly I was overcome with tremendous emotion and I felt like my mum was sat by me I can’t describe it it was like her arms were around me I was choking back my tears. I wanted to say to my partners dad what had just happened I could see he was upset. It wouldn’t of been fair on him for me to tell him why I was upset so I kept quiet
I remember my partner telling me if you see a robin or a feather it’s a sign of our loved ones. I don’t believe it not for one second. I do also remember once my Alexa device playing two songs my mum and dad loved that were played at my mums humanist funeral. I asked my dad did he ask Alexa to play them both. He told me he didn’t. If greatly upset me not even Amazon could explain it. I was so angry over it. I couldn’t stop songs playing on the Alexa device. I can only assume my mum used Alexa to reach me. Whilst it’s weird it’s lovely to think my mum maybe trying to comfort me she did that today.
Now I’m home I can play the song on the radio and cry

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I’m sorry that you got so upset.
I believe very strongly that they do contact us once they have departed. Not when we expect it, or ask them to, when they feel ready. I’ve had lots of experiences like the ones you describe, not just over my recent bereavement but also with other people and dogs that I’ve lost. The more deeply you love them the more it will happen.
My advice is to go with it and try to read what they’re saying to you.

Hi how do I read into what my mum is saying. I’m sorry that doesn’t make sense.

You described that you were overcome with emotion and choking back tears. Your Mum sat next to you and put her arms around you. She was letting you know that she is still with you, caring for you and offering comfort.

There is a topic called “Interesting…”
on this site. Take a look. There are others you can search talking about our departed making contact.
I hope I haven’t caused you further upset. X

Yeah that makes perfect sense

No you haven’t. It’s the experience that upset me