The Struggle

Every day the struggle continues, no one making my life any easier. Especially the DWP, I’m working but life’s still a struggle. Need to earn 2k just to stay afloat every month now. I’m in debt and still waiting on a answer from the DWP regards my mum’s will, mum buried in an unmarked grave, no headstone thanks to the DWP investigation if they can makes a claim on my mum’s will. Not to mention my fight with lower back pain continues even though I just completed 48 hours of work.

Hi Keith,

Could you go to Citizens Advice and see if there are any working tax credits you can claim? The government should hopefully want to support you to stay in work. :yellow_heart:

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Update, The DWP are having a good sniff around mum’s savings. I can’t provide what information they want. Mum was super secretive when it came to money. I’m thinking of going to cab.

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