The Sudden Loss of my Dad two weeks ago.

So Two weeks and a day ago I got a phone call to go sit with my mum with my sister and my dad had a small funny turn while he went in for a scheduled MRI scan.

But when I went to the hospital I was told my dad had suddenly died.

I’ve never really had to grieve except for an auntie when I was little.

I’m struggling to get my head around the situation. My dad was ill but with nothing life threatening that we and the doctors and my dad knew off.
The day he died he drove me to work and himself and my mum to his appointment, it was like any other day and then it felt like my world felt apart. it did.

Finally after a week and half after he died we finally found out the cause off death. And the diagnostic tools to identify his cause off death he had two weeks to the week he passed away and nothing was picked up.
I’m really struggling with this. How did it not get picked up?

I’m also wondering if anyone had any advice wit grieving with a sudden loss? I know its healthy to cry and let it out but I feel like I have to stay strong for my mum and my older sister I don’t want to feel week because I know ill break and I cant do that to my mum.
has anyone got any advice?


I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

I lost my Grandad (dads side) suddenly about 8 years ago from a heart attack. He had had a heart attack in the past but seemed to be ok having check ups at the doctors etc. The worst thing about it was that the doctor he saw not long before he died said he had a strong heart indicating no current concern.

I have just lost my nanny 3rd Aug (mums side) we knew she had terminal cancer but didn’t realise we would lose her this quick. We had less than a week to prepare :-(.

I think you have done the right thing in trying to find out the cause. It may give you some answers your looking for.

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