The Visitor (K.M. Edmed)

A robin came to visit me I shared with him my sorrow
I told him how I’d lost you and how I fear tomorrow.
I told him all about you, how you’d left me all alone
How much I miss your loving heart, the place I called my home.
As he looked at me attentively, a reply was finally heard
So I listened with intensity to each unspoken word.
We do not lose our loved ones he said staring in my eyes
Our bonds, they last forever they’re not broken when we die
Death’s merely an illusion that takes loved ones out of view
We cannot see the air or wind, but we all know that they’re true.
As the robin turned to fly away, I questioned was he you?
With a wave of overwhelming love I heard “I love you too.”


Oh @Alone1
Thats just made me cry.
I have a thing about robins and Roger

Your poems are so lovely. Have you though about publishing them?

Love and hugs x

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@Alone1 , thank you for posting this poem , I have always looked for Robins and my husband knew that . They say when a robin appears a loved one is near . Your poems are so heartwarming , your very talented . I really needed this today ,after being poorly for a couple of days and not having my husband to comfort me . Thank you once again xtake carex

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Thank you for your beautiful poem. It made me cry, but I have a thing about Robins. I do believe they have special qualities and always blow them a kiss, as I think ( hope) they are my partner xx

Lovely poem