The washing machine

A few weeks before Joan died suddenly ,she had seen the money that had gone into the accounts from the private pensions. She told me that she had a shopping list of things she wanted for the house, a new washing machine, a new fridge/freezer and a new landing carpet, I told her to get it sorted, ie pick what she wanted.
18 months after she died the washing machine leaked all over the kitchen floor.
Walking around Currys I was thinking ‘what on earth do I know about washing machines’ all I know is 30 degrees, cotton and short cycle, once the thing was installed and I applied my vast knowledge I found out that the thing could be connected to my mobile phone via wifi !!!? I could hear Joans voice in my head that I had purchased a
play station of laundry and not a serious washing machine.
Where were you when I needed you pidge.


I have shouted that so many times. I know nothing about computers, banking, and all the other things he did.
The week before he died he ordered a new blue ray dvd player and a soundbar because we had got a new television that was not compatible. I had a doorstep full of boxes, cables and remote controls. Eventually my son and I got them connected and working, but the air was blue for quite a while. Since then, and I swear this house must be built on ley lines, so many things have gone wrong. The Sky boxes, the WiFi, the CCTV. He loved technology and I am a bit of a Luddite.
The stupid thing is, I don’t watch tv much and when I needed the laptop I had to search for the login details and charge the thing up because it hadn’t been used since he went into hospital.
I know things go wrong sometimes, but he just sorted them. I get all anxious and upset.


I wish I had taken more notice of the things Joan did in the house, we had a old fashioned marriage, I sorted all the repairs to things etc. and she did the house stuff, I don’t iron anything and have half a drawer with perfectly pressed hankerchiefs that Joan did,I can’t use them.
Joan died of a cardiac arrest, she was in the bath washing her hair.
Best wishes.

Do you remember the song about the clock which stopped, never to go again, when the old man died? Our dishwasher did that when Penny died!
She left so many questions unanswered, such as, what size trousers do I wear, where do I buy underpants, where can I buy semolina, how did she make such wonderful Yorkshire puddings (which I suspect was that she was a Yorkshire lass) ? The list was endless!

Same here, Bootsie. I looked after our daughter, cooked, etc. he did the blue jobs, I did the pink stuff. It worked for us, until one of us wasn’t here anymore. Now I tell everyone to learn how to do everything, just in case you ever have to. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Xx

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I am from Yeadon in Yorkshire, although I live darn sarf now. I used to do the full Sunday Roast when he was here, he loved it so. I can’t be bothered now. But I hear that Aunt Bessie does reasonable puddings if you’re desperate. I am going to settle for a tin of soup today.
I have been sorting empty tins of paint and anonymous bits of old wood to throw away.