“The wind goes where it will. No one knows where it comes from or where it goes, so it is with Spirit”
It’s alright, I haven’t gone all religious on you!!
I sometimes talk about the ‘Spirit’ of a person These days most therapies are mind/body based. To me we are more that that. Mind/body AND Spirit. To me, Spirit is the ‘essence’ of a person. The body with all it’s problems is not them, not at all. This has nothing to do with religious belief. It can be, but I prefer the concept to be open to all. I believe it’s a universal fact.
We can’t SEE the wind but we feel it. So, because we can’t see it do we doubt it’s there? It’s really about the essence of the person. What made them unique. There will never be another Paul or Jane, but that essence can never die. It’s love based and love can never die, never be diminished or go anywhere. It’s here and now, and to me our loved ones feel it too.
To those of us blessed with this insight it of immense comfort to know that. Wishful thinking? When you feel something so strongly you know it’s not a panacea for loss. And as all things Spiritual, words are totally inadequate.
To many it’s all just an idea. A myth. But tell me, how do you define love? Explain it. I doubt any great poet or writer has ever fully done it. When we truly love it’s indefinable. That’s why bereavement is so painful. But it’s not lost. Robby Burns, the great Scottish poet began a poem……….
“My love is like a red red rose that’s early bloomed in June”
But a rose dies, but the ‘essence’ of a rose never dies.
This is not just about comfort, oh no, much more than that. We can’t see smell or taste love, Just as we can’t see the wind or Spirit, but it’s there for everyone should they choose to believe it, as is Spirit. Blessings.

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I like that Jonathan. I can’t see the wind but I can feel it and it feels so good blowing through my hair. I can’t see my husband but I can feel him and that feels soooo good surrounding me with love. Xx

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