The worst 15 hours

On the 2nd January my Nan passed away, she suffered a cardiac arrest due to coronavirus and then 15 hours later my Great grandmother( my nans mother) also passed away after having a stroke whilst the ambulance was being called for my nan.
Im currently off work sick with stress due to recent bereavement, i dont sleep and all i see is how they looked dead i dont remember what they looked like before.

I am so sorry for your losses, but maybe you could see it that they were meant to go together and are happy together. They were also spared the pain of grieving for each other.


Rachel,So Sorry for your loss.

When my Mum passed away the end of August 2017,i remember on the Saturday,2 days after her passing,i just cried and cried,and could not stop. I still have bad days,and it doesn’t seem real,then to lose my Dad the end of August 2019,feels just the same,and so raw at times. I know i will never be the same person again. I have had to carry on for the sake of my 14 year old son. I would say,just take it one day at a time,and get the support of family,if your Lucky to have them,i don’t have a lot of family. Here if you want to send me a message and chat. Lucy,xxx