There is hope.

Hi everyone.
I lost my mum in October 2017 unexpectedly and was a total wreck.
I sort medical help as I was so depressed and not sleeping.
It suddenly hit me a couple of weeks ago that my mum would hate seeing what a state I have got myself into and realised how selfish I was being to my husband as he lost his dad last year too.
I came off the anti-depressants and now taking sleeping tablets to try and get into a sleep routine.
I am not saying I don’t get upset anymore as missing my mum will never change.
I do find that writing to her everyday about how my day has been has helped a lot.
I am at the stage where I am grateful for the last year we had together and the fact that she didn’t suffer.

So there is light at the end of a really dark and depressive tunnel.
It just takes time to get their.



I agree with what you have said. My mum passed away in August 2017 and I felt as if I was in a dark hole for ages. Then I had a long chat with myself and decided that my mum would be horrified with me being so miserable.

I am now making more effort to live my life more fully. After all we all have the evidence that it cannot last for ever. I still have days when I lapse back into an alomost self-destructive mindset but I am determined not to let myself waste the life I have.

Thank you for posting. I think it is important to say that it does get better and does get easier. The loss is no less painful or significant but life does go in and we are now our parent’s representatives on Earth so should try to do them proud.

Take care,