There must be something wrong with me.

5 years ago I lost my Husband and couldn’t get out of bed for days. Today I lost my Mum. She had Alzheimer’s. I was there but yet I didn’t cry and I was her daughter and cared for her. My siblings did.

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I lost my husband back in March. Way to early and so suddenly. Both my parents are still here. Dad 90 and mum 87. Before I lost Martin I was dreading the day i would lose my parents. Although I will be sad, it will be a lot easier to except when my parents pass as it’s more in the order of things.
Losing the person you expected to grow old with, had so many plans with is just so painful :broken_heart:


No, there is nothing wrong with you. Caring for someone and watching them diminish over time brings with it anticipatory grief. My mum died in March this year and I was devastated. I have had some very tearful moments but mum had been ill all my life. There were many times we didn’t think she would pull through but she did. Each hospital admission was accompanied by a scramble to visit her, worry, fear and eventually relief. The last time she went in, the day after mothers day, we were not too concerned as she didn’t seem as bad as she had been on other occasions. The next thing we knew she was gone. It was hard to take in and it took several days before it started to hit me. Even now I still feel she is only a phone call away and it doesn’t seem real. I don’t think I’ve accepted that she is really gone.
We all grieve in our own way. Your way is unique to you but doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. I hope you find peace and comfort in time. Take care. x


I don’t know how to reply individually but would like to say thank you do much. Dee I’m sorry to read about what happened. It’s early days. I thought my Husband would be here to help me through this as you would have done. Take care and thankyou.

Jjbee. Thanks so much for your comments. I’m sorry for your loss too.
It’s quite recent for you. I think in grief time can get distorted. I understand
what you mean. People are on the same journey but all take different routes and directions. Once again thank you for your thoughts and take care.

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