There presence ( even thought they gone)

Dose any one feel the presences of a loved one, I lost my U.S Girlfriend & friend in Aug 2023, but I have my face and check lightly touched as times, as if by her, more so at night in bed, after she died in Aug, it was nearly every nite, as I did not know she died till a week later, and then non stop, up to end of sept, & still in Oct, but less, I think there spirit is with you, it broke my heart to loss her, & it still dose, but at time I feel her spirit near me, I even talk to it, & say I know she near me, it helps to ease the plain of her loss, but It will never go away, any one else feel the spirit of there loved one

So sorry for your loss, @Desmond. I’m just closing this thread as it’s a duplicate of this one where I can see you’re getting some support.

Take good care