things have been rough this year

Well where to even start i fell like everything that could of possibly gone wrong has this year .
It started of with my nan loosing her husband early months of this year and i almost felt unable to grieve properly if at all .
Then in this last month my children’s other grandad got sick and passed away ( he isnt my family but it still hurts)
Then something completely chaotic happened with their other grandad (again not my family) and i cant say much about what went on because ive been asked not to . But he went missing and he is presumed to of killed himself . I have no clue how to even process any of this . my head constantly feels like it is spinning. I also have to find away of telling my kids that there grandad possibly isnt around anymore , but im waiting till we have conformation

I guess really i just need some support or someone to talk to anout all of this because i dont really know where im at

Hello @ShellyB1, thank you for reaching out. It sounds like you’re going through such a lot at the moment. I’m just letting you know that I’ve edited your post very slightly to remove the potential method of your kid’s grandad’s death in order to keep the community safe. This is in line with our terms and conditions which state that “methods of suicide will be removed from the community”.

We hope you understand our reasoning for editing your post and our need to keep the community a safe place for support and discussion. I just want to reassure you that it’s absolutely okay to discuss suicide and suicidal feelings here, but to avoid discussing specific methods in order to keep the community safe.

It must be particularly difficult when you don’t have confirmation that your children’s grandad has died. It can be hard to have that conversation with our children. You may want to look at Winston’s Wish which offers advice on supporting children with a loss. You can call them on 08088 020 021 or visit their website at

You may also want to look into getting some support for yourself too. Our Bereavement support pages can walk you through some of what you may be feeling right now.
These organisations also offer support people who have been bereaved by suicide:

Please do think about getting in touch with one of these organisations - you deserve care and support.

Take care,