Thinking of You (Poem)

To My Darling Alan.

You are missed so dearly now you’re no longer here
When I’m thinking of you, I always shed a tear

I will always treasure you, you were so gentle and so kind
Your love lives on within my heart with memories of you in mind

Life goes on from day to day but something is out of place
I would give almost anything to once more see your smiling face

You were such a blessing, so thoughtful and so true
I feel eternally grateful to have known and loved someone like you


Beautiful and emotional words :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you James73.
The irony of grief is that the person you need to talk about how you feel, is the person that is no longer here.

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Totally agree. Where does one seek solace when the love of your life is no longer in this world? Unfortunately being online is second best but better than nothing.
When I am able to talk to people like you, life seems a little better

As time goes on, it gets harder to talk to friends about how you feel. I pretend to be strong, but I’m not. I’m thankful I found Sue Ryder, we can all share our pain and heartaches without feeling a burden, and people here care. We are all going through a bad chapter in our lives which seems never ending.

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Agree absolutely. I found this site only today. Wish I had years ago. I feel I can try to put into words years of pain, guilt and frustration. It seems like a virtual counselling session with random listeners. Thank you Sue Ryder and all on here with broken hearts of gold and love :heart:

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