This gaping hole in my heart

My world feels like its falling apart. Like I’m enveloped by darkness. My emotions are so overwhelming I can’t see any way past them.

I’m terrified of losing anyone else, it’s overwhelming. How do I just carry on my life now? I feel really scared and alone.

Evenings are the worst, especially before bed. Like I’ve been able to just about distract myself doing things in the day but it all catches up at night.

My partner is trying to support me but they can’t fill this gaping hole which has appeared inside my heart. Nothing can fill that right now.

It’d just endless anxiety, fear, crying, sadness and loss


I lost my dad recently and i cry when i need to I sit and be quiet when i need to any time of day . I dont try and keep myself busy I just do what i need when i need to . I light a candle for him . I am writing a book of memories for him- where we went what he said . It helps to keep him close . I have sponsored a guide dog in memory and trees in memory It all helps . I have no photos of him but can still picture him in my mind and take time when i need to to just sit and think of him picture him in my mind . Dont try and distract yourself . Sit and think and remember this person as and when you need to .And write a memory book These things might help Tell your partner the places and things that was said share with them It might help

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Thanks Chiara, sending love x

Hello . You don’t say who you have lost but I’m glad your partner is there to try and help you. I lost my mum just over a year ago and I’m still struggling , being alone a lot doesn’t help. I’m also terrified of losing other people but i keep telling myself that won’t happen for a long time yet . Take care of yourself.
Love Angie xx

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