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Hello All,

This site has helped many people over the years in their darkest times , myself included.

Why are so many people complaining, often very bitterly, about it?
All sites have technical problems from time to time and if you are experiencing technical problems surely it would be better to discretely contact admin and ask them to help you?

If this site doesn’t work for you there are many other grief forums on the Internet you could use instead .

I think admin pointed out the other day that the the purpose of the site is to be supportive.
I wish everyone well at this time of year which I know will be difficult for so many of you. Sadme x


It’s always been “user friendly and supportive to me” and I used the site before it was changed.
My point was, if anyone is having a problem it’s more helpful to email admin privately rather than put unhelpful comments on the site.
There are many other sites if this doesn’t suit anyone.

Surely starting a thread allows others the opportunity to air their grievances if they are having the same technical problems :thinking:


And while I am at it, now all private messages are off centre so you can’t see what’s written down the right side.
Sadme I don’t think the comments are unhelpful at all if you feel like that stay off the thread!


I look for support on this site as do many others, I don’t expect to see threads with the title given to one and the language used in it the other day .
If that’s what somebody wanted to say why didn’t they say it to admin and not on a public thread ?
The moderators initially locked it as profanity goes against the guidelines. My original post on this thread was meant to be a helpful suggestion to keep the site supportive. Sadme

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Well obviously it didn’t go against the guidelines as Priscilla opened the thread again. I also suggest it is your mind who has read into the title of my thread as what is bad about ’ what the flip’ :thinking: I too use the site for support and am very grateful for the fabulous friends I have made on here. I am also very grateful you won’t be responding :blush:


Thanks for your reply and of course everyone is allowed an opinion and as you rightly say it should be inclusive. I know other people on this site have also find the complaints about the site upsetting when they are just looking for something to make them feel a bit better.
My only point was that it might be more useful to everyone , the bereaved and Sue Ryder admin (who try very hard to please everyone ) if any problems were addressed to admin and not in rather "irritated threads "which I fear would put many users off, thus making it “not inclusive”
Obviously I’ve stirred up a can of worms when I was just trying to make a helpful suggestion.

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