This sums it all up


@Sarlyn Thank you so much for sharing this. It describes exactly how I feel. Sending you love and hugs. xx


It does some it up exactly….:disappointed:


@Sarlyn sums our life up now :smiling_face_with_tear:


Describes what we are going through than you for posting take care

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Wowww, that sums up grief’s sting so succinctly. Thanks for sharing

Excellent thankyou.Best regards

Wow, thank you.

Thanks for sharing this. It’s all so true. sending hugs xx

Thank you for your kind words, but I wish i could see a future, however I can’t.

Need all I can get at the moment Les49

Lost my wife last friday. I know just how you feel. We’re about the same age and it makes it even harder we must find the strength

That’s the same problem I’m having is seeing a future. Let’s try together Les49

I wish I could reply in the positive, but I’m afraid I can’t. Every day is a struggle. Last Sunday i saw my wife in the undertakers and although they had done their best, it just didn’t look like her. On the way home I lost control of my car going down a steep hill in the snow and smashed it into a bridge. It was a complete accident, but I wish I could have joined my darling wife. Life is meaningless without her.

Its very difficult to think in the positive.I can’t see her in the undertakers, I can only remember the way she was. When my wife was in the hospital dying on the bed I wanted to get in akongside her and have an injection.As difficult as it is I think we have to find some meaning to it all. Please stay in touch Les49

I’m so sorry for your grief (not just empty words Les, but spoken from the heart) and pain that you’re suffering, it aint easy. However, how do you find a positive meaning in a world where people are killing each other every day, young children are selling drugs and stabbing each other? the list goes on and on and the one positive thing in life has now gone. I applaud your optimism Les, but I don’t think I want to be part of this world any more or what it’s becoming.

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We have to look for something(I don’t know that is).The funny thing is I haven’t heard or seen any news and feel better for that.I know the pain you’re going through because I’m in it with you. You’re life is precious no matter the pain you’re going through. Give it a bit more time at least. Co e back to me or maybe,we could go private it’s easier to talk that way.

Thank you for your reply Les. So many others have said the same that it reminds me of the Monty Python film ‘the life of Brian’ . Always look on the bright side of life etc; but at present I can only see the now and it isn’t nice at all. I truly wish you the best and hope you succeed in your aims.

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@Sarlyn that is just beautiful couldn’t be said any better. :pray:t2::heart::hugs::pray:t2::heart::hugs: