This Time of Year

Having a bad time at the moment. It’s a little over a year since my partner died and I’m finding this Christmas worse than last year.

Having got through last year I thought I’d be ok to go away this year back to an old favourite with friends where we used to spend previous festive seasons. But the closer departure day gets, the more anxious I’m becoming.

To cap it off, this morning I received a Christmas card from someone who I’ve clearly omitted to keep updated. I had prepared myself that maybe I’d still get cards to both of us, but this was worse - actually ‘presuming that you two have split up.’

I was utterly floored and now thinking about perhaps coming across people on holiday that aren’t aware and loads of awkward and stressful conversations.

I know I’m overthinking this, and creating my own anxiety in the process, but that’s very much my character and I can’t help it. I’m beginning to think the holiday might be a dreadful mistake.


I recently went to tenerife 3 weeks ago and i was the same … got more and more anxious as it got nearer :frowning: its cos we not with our partner who would have been helping us get ready etc. I also cried a few times on holiday because i missed him being besides me with the love he gave me … its such a hard road :frowning: but listen just go because it is a distraction from this new life of misery we have … it does help you forget for a while … promise … and you might even be able to smile a bit :slight_smile: xxx


Did you go solo or with someone else i need to get away but do i go alone im 5 months in next week not sure if its too soon dont want to fall apart x


No went with my daughter snd granddaughter who is 5 … she made it lovely tbh. Dont rush to go alone … its quite emotional … cant you go with a friend ? Xx

@Cadge oh I am in Staffordshire too. Stoke on Trent
. Are we far away,?

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Im in cheddleton near leek xx
My sister lives in northwood

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Know how you feel, lost my partner last christmas, so I will forever associate christmas with DEATH, not BIRTH, what’s the point off it all?, I ask myself sometimes.
Need something to get up for in the morning, starting a cleaning business in January, not that I need the money, I don’;t but I need a reason to get up in the morning and social interaction to keep my mind occuipider as I try to rebuild my life, under a mental health nurse at the moment with depression, ptsd,also have high blood pressure.

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