This weird feeling ...

I don’t know why but I am dreading my cousin and aunt going off on holiday in Italy for the whole of August.

i do not begrudge them in the least but it feels like they are are going to be even further away from me than they already are (they live in Milan and will be on the Adriatic for the whole of August). This despite the fact that my cousin has assured me we will continue communicating via whatsup.

Talking to him twice daily has been a life-saver but why am I feeling like this when he is literally a phone call away?

Is it because I wish I could join them and get some respite from all this probate stuff (my solicitor just tripled the number of hours he is going to charge me to reach probate!)?

Un fortunately I cannot join them. Why am I feeling like this?

Hello, it’s very difficult when we see outer loved ones in such a dreadful situation. I understand fully why you feel like you do because they have been your crutch over the past weeks and now you are going it alone and I would feel bereft again. Life will be hard and many of us on here fully understand how you feel. It’s a shame that you can’t find time to join them just for a short break. The solicitor should manage because that’s what you are paying them to do. Think about yourself and your own health. Sending my blessings to go and think about you. S xx