Thought for today

I saw this today and thought i’d share on my our anniversary.

The moment that you left me my heart split in two.
One side filled with memories the other died with you.
I often lie awake at night when the world is fast asleep and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon my cheek.
Remembering you is easy i do it every day but missing you is a heartache that never goes away.
I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain
You see life has gone on without you but will never be the same.


Thank you for sharing @Galaxy75, the words are so true.
I hope your anniversary hasn’t been too bad and your happy memories, I am sure, must have helped. I’m dreading mine.

It was my first anniversary without him.
He passed away suddently 12 weeks ago so still very raw. But i know i must try to get on with life as it is very precious and i will hopefully try to help others who are grieving or struggling to get through their days via volunteering in the future.
Take care x


It will be my first anniversary in October without him. We always made it special, although last years wasn’t so good as he was really poorly.
I think you are very positive thinking about volunteering, it’s something I need to think about for the future.
Sending hugs.

Volunteering is a great idea. Even if it’s an hour or two a week. Gets you mixing outside of the home (which we all need), even when times seem tough and we don’t want to do it, or be bothered to do it. It brings a positive feel to your day. xx

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Wow well written, love changes us as people

What lovely words, may have helped a little today. Feeling rather numb, odd and very sad as today would have been our 43rd wedding anniversary. Keef may have been gone about 6 months but it still feels like he’s here keeping an eye on me. I knew that today would be hard as it’s a first, I do have some distractions today off to deliver food to our son and then our daughter is coming over after work. I just want to curl up and cry all day but I’ll leave that until I’m back home later. This time last year we were on our fabulous holiday in Scotland, actually on the Isle of Lewis for our anniversary visiting a distillery, with no indication of what would happen the following year.

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Dear Guineapig65

Sorry pressed send by mistake.
I hope your specusl anniversary day is going as well as it can today.
Mine was spent crying on and off most of the day remembering specisl times we shared. I did have some happy .minutes during the day he would not have wanted .e to be so upset but any 1st anniversaries wedding birthday chrismas and new year without them are goi g to be hard.
I am glad you have a son a d daughter

around to help. I dont have that and any of his family have ot contcted me so been hard going on my own but i did it i got through the day.
We can only take one day at a time and not plan any further forward but it is lonely without them.
Take care x

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I m so sorry to hear of your loss Clearly your daughter was really struggling with her mental health Don’t blame yourself she died You can’t rescue people it was her decision Respect her decision she was clearly very troubled She is at peace now Believe me you are not alone in suffering such a tragic loss Thinking of you

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