Thought I would share ❤️


So true,
Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you, poems often express what we can’t actually say ourselves.

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Beautiful and so true :heartpulse:

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Thankyou @Racy123 :heart:

That’s a lovely sentiment, Lorraine. Thank you for sharing.

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Thankyou @Jolene1 :heart: xxxx

That’s very touching and true indeed. Some people are forever changed by the process and it can take a very long time to return to a ‘normality’, whatever that is…

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Thankyou @Sandranista :heart:

Just read the beautiful poem.I lost my dear dad 3 years ago this Wednesday i I am only just beginning to process it and grieve and that poem is so relevant, Thank you

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Thats ok @polly47 you can message me anytime :heart: xxx

hi lorraine89 for your kind words .Tomorrow is going to be tough as its the anniversary will try to keep busy.Hope you are keeping ok


Hi @polly47, i will be thinking of you tomorrow :heart: anniversaries are always tough i know, your dad will always be with you, im ok thankyou for asking thats really kind, I hope tomorrow goes as gentle as it can, have you made any plans? Sending you lots of love xxx

HI lorraine89. Thank you for your kind words .Today has been tough how ever I decided to sort through some child hood photos of happy times spent with mum and dad. All our summers used to be spent at Marazion in Cornwall. My grand mother {dads mum} came from Helston. We used to stay in a converted railway carriage that was for railway men and their families to use. almost on the sands facing St Michaels Mount. Such happy times Keep well Kind Regards Sylvia xx

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What a lovely thing to do I bet it bought back some lovely memories for you :heart: ah no way I’m from Cornwall :grin: xxx