Thoughts on approval

Hi all.
Sometimes when it comes to doing anything, I think “what would Shell, do, or say,or think”, then you remember, can’t ask her, then it hits, once again, she isn’t with me , not in a physical sense, anyway. You look to the sky for some guidance, I do hope they are there somewhere,

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It’s not that people are not nice, it’s just they really don’t get it, in company I am okay,(just), on my own , well the mask( apt in these days) comes off. No real point in counciling, in my case, they won’t bring the lost back, so it’s a case of getting through best you can.


I do the same - I look up to the sky when I’m talking to Brian - either aloud or in my head. Don’t know why - neither of us were religious - but it just seems to come naturally. Keep talking to your loved one and take care.

Granddaughter, says , Nannies lives in the sky I am happy to with that idea, looking down on us.I talk to Shell, all the time.