Thoughts welcome!

Any comments welcome! The Marriage Service states “those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder” - it also says “til death us do part”! so are we still together when one dies? (husband died 13.12.23)

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Great question.
I have wondered this myself I lost my wife a few months ago and for me we’re still married but legally I assume I’m not anymore.

Agree Will, and yes still feel married to husband! My current thinking is we “always one” in sight of God and it just the death of the physical body that causes temporary separation in God’s eyes after our marriage vows! Legally, I suppose, we no longer married!!

Agree in our hearts, Mind and Gods eyes were still married that’s how I see it.
The first time I had to complete a form and had to write Widow was a little emotional to be honest.

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I think this passage means the physical sense. and for those who believe in a heaven, that is a whole other topic. naturally, if you believe in an afterlife, you will be reunited in spirit.

personally, I think you are not parted in mind and soul. but you are parted in body and being.

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Yes, agree Berit!

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it would be …

let no man nor God ever tell you the state of the most intimate parts of your life. this is only for you to decide.

Hello Cynthonia, the short and long answer is yes, our loved ones are always with us when they pass on.
A friend of mine on this site remarked how her 2 year old daughter shouted and waved excitedly to her gran from her bed, perfectly normal you might think, only her gran had passed half an hour earlier!!, young children respond ONLY to what they see and hear, somehow the girls gran was in her bedroom AFTER clinically passing away, how do explain that?

The night after my mum passed away at home, I was woken by a hard slap across my face to see the silhouette of my mum walking briskly away from me through the lounge door, she was NOT PLEASED WITH ME, probably the state of her house.

Certainly strong evidence of there continuing beyond this life, and when your time comes your husband will guide you, and ‘show you the ropes’ in the next life.

Blessings to you Cynthonia, thankyou for your question. :innocent:

Tim xx

My husband died 5 weeks ago we have his funeral this coming friday .
I have felt denial, then panic i speak to him and ask him to visit and keep me company. I have felt an odd calm he gave me in life recently, so believe he is here watching me ,taking care of me as always. Today that was missing i couldn’t feel him so the panic i felt was horrible. I believe hes back again now as i feel that protection i always felt. I read somewhere that when a husband/wife dies you are considered single. I will never feel that i took marriage seriously always his wife.


Absolutely never single - always married! Alone maybe, but that not same as single!! The price of love is grief and other people will never understand until it happens to them - how could they?xx

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