A beautiful verse given to me today. Unsure of author.

And for me.
Dry your tears & learn to laugh again
Let go the hurt & let go the pain
Know that my time here on earth was complete
Lessons were learned both bitter & sweet
Remember the me that was healthy & strong
Don’t hold the memory of when it went wrong
Know that the place where I am feels so right
I’m surrounded with love & walk in god’s light

Don’t cling to heartache or think I’m afar
I stand by your side wherever you are
In your joy & your sorrow each night & each day
I’m here with my love only one thought away

So come into the sunshine & come out of the rain
And for me, dry your tears
And for me, laugh again.


Hi that is so lovely . But it got me in tears . Thank you for sharing it . Xtake carex

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Beautiful and very comforting Grandma, thank-you

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