Since my father in law died 3 weeks ago, i had a thought that i was dying, even though i m perfectly healthy. I just can’t get it out of my head and i have been having a dry mouth at night. Contacted my GP gave me a decongestant spray but didn’t help. What can i do to get rid of these thoughts? Also felt cold around my shoulders with a tingling in my hands.

Sorry for your loss :heart: perhaps you are suffering from some anxiety which is completely normal. I lost my mum on new year’s day. I’ve had to reach out to my GP who has given me some meds for my anxiety which started after the funeral. Only on week three but do feel calmer but it can take a few weeks to really feel the effects. Never been an anxious person and never thought I’d be on meds but I needed help during this period so took my GP’s advice. I too get hot and tingly across my body when I feel it coming on. I think you need to speak to your GP again. :heart: