Three and a half years since...

I haven’t posted for a while and it’s now three and a half years since my lovely wife passed. I continue to struggle, putting on that brave face at times just to help get through the day. We were together for just 50 years, 45 of which were married. I still find there are days when I feel detached from the rest of the world. Night times are worst. The loneliness. I may need to talk to someone soon about counselling, is that something you have here? I am finding being on my own difficult, I miss her so much.


Dear @Malc39200
I’m so sorry. My heart aches for you.
I feel exactly the same. Just over 19 months for me. The days, weeks , months speed by, and yet it could be yesterday. I wish it was…then the chance for a few more minutes together on his last day :cry:

I too feel the loneliness… ALL THE TIME. Every minute of everyday. When alone or when with people. It makes no difference. The loneliness never leaves us does it.

I feel like I’m existing in parallel worlds , I’m peering in on one world, looking at this new me (who I don’t recognise or like very much) existing, while everyone else and the world moves on without me.
In the other world, the happy world, I’m in my safe bubble locked in time with my husband and our two dogs.

I hate the mornings most, and especially the spring and summer ones which start earlier. Another day further away, another day without him, another day of having to pretend to everyone that I’m okay.

I’m glad you came back here. You don’t have to always post, just read when you want, and gain some comfort, and perhaps a little strength in knowing others feel like you.

Love, hugs and strength to you my grieving friend


Thank you. I am sorry for your loss too.

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Hello Malc, I haven’t posted for a while either, then last night I saw a beautiful poem I had to share.
I lost my darling husband when he had just turned 65, that’s just over 3 years now, but sometimes with the changing of the seasons, or in the night time, I feel his loss as profoundly as I ever did.
Please look at the beautiful poem, it helped me, I hope it helps you too. We all just have to ride the waves.


I have listened to it. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Keep strong, it’s early days for me but I understand where your coming from. It’s hard to get your head around that life has changed and will never be the same. Take care x