Three close losses in just under a year.

I was raised by my grandparents, and now they’re all gone.

October 2016, I lost my grandmother. She was basically my mother. I found her in bed and had to lift her onto the floor to perform cpr, but she was already gone.

July 2017, I lost my grandfather (her husband) He died of what can only be described as a broken heart. It hit me hard because he was with me when I found my grandmother, and I found some comfort with having gone through that together. I felt completely abandoned.

September 2017, I lost my other grandmother. She was also like my mother. She gained custody of me and my siblings when young to prevent us going into care. I didn’t see her as much towards the end and I feel so guilty.

I don’t know what I hope to gain by sharing this, it’s just nice to let it out.

Hi J ,

I’ve just come across your post in the search for some comfort myself. September 18th my brother found my mum lifeless and had to do the same heartbreaking procedure you did with no effect. I’ve today revived news my dad needs a triple heart bypass.

I wish I could give you a way of coping , I don’t think any body can I think we have to g through these awful events and try and find some strength knowing your grandparents would want you to be happy and remember they did all those things for you so you could live a happy life. I know it’s easier said then done I’m searching for answers myself. But I hope that in this dark time for a us the fact someone has replied and understands gives you strength. Don’t give up, cry and fall down but get back up. I guess that’s what that would always want for us x

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Just wanted to pass on my support. Dealing with loss after loss makes your foundations feel unstable. I understand this as I suffered a miscarriage at 3 months followed by losing my dad and just weeks later I found myself caring for my mum with terminal cancer. I feel like my history has been stripped away from me within a year so I understand how shattering it can be.

The only thing getting me through is just taking one day at a time and being more open with people. There are a lot of compassionate people out there, and on here when you ask for help.

Big hug. Ann