Three months and still not coping

It’s been 3months since my husband of 55 years passed and I still cannot cope. I still feel as though I am living in a bubble crying every day and wandering if I could have done more.

Hi. Paula_lynn. Three months is no time at all. In fact it is just about the worse time with many of us. It begins to sink in that we have lost something very precious. Try and not beat yourself up with self recriminations. We all do it and it can make us very introspective and often lead to despair. Could we have done more? Of course, but how did we know at the time? Hindsight can be a hard taskmaster and is best avoided, if you can.
You can and will cope. We all do because what’s the alternative? Would our loved one wanted us to feel like this. I doubt it. I too felt as if it was the end of everything, but after over a year now I’m beginning to see the light get brighter. I have my moments still but that’s to be expected and accepted. Give yourself time. Take it one day at a time. ‘Living in a bubble’ is a good explanation of how most of us feel. Inside and can’t get out. We can see the world going on around us but can’t seem to make contact. I know we may not all feel that way but many do.
If you want to cry then do so. Emotions will out and are best out, and crying is natures way of giving a little relief. Never regard a good cry as something you shouldn’t do. Why not? Who wouldn’t cry given the circumstances. Try and take care of yourself. It’s so easy to neglect ourselves at this time.
Blessings and a hug!!!

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Thank you for those kind words once again I was crying whilst I read them life is so hard at the moment , it’s never a good time to lose someone you love but this time of year it must be harder. I will take your words on board and try to stop beating myself up all the time.

hi Paula_lyn
so sorry for your loss,if you just looking in the losing a partner section and take a little bit of time to read a few will see like you the majority of those left behind after losing their partner are finding it a very emotional time.and there is no time limit on grief,sadly no one as a magic wand that can make us all feel like we did before such a tragic loss of our partners.we are all hoping to find ways to get through each minute of each hour of each day etc says its a struggle is some what of an understatement.heres wish you well and hoping you get strength from some where to find ways to cope.
kind regards