Three months today

This day 3 months ago the knock came to our door and our nightmare began! My lovely, kind, happy son died in an accident. I hate every Sunday morning now. I can go through each minute in my mind. I think he was with me today giving me strength. I’ve got through it. I went and left flowers where he died. I just wish with all my heart I could turn back time. As does everyone on here I imagine. Thinking of you all tonight…

Aww so sorry my son died in August also an accident I wasnt informed for 4 days, it feels like the whole world has stopped, its a slow painful process . I try to think that Luke was a gift even if it was for a short time and I like to think that all our loved ones are continuing their journey somewhere in a special place.

I had the knock on the door also…back in April. If only we could have a miracle each and bring them back home. My baby took his own life…I’m devastated

I’m so so sorry. That has to be the most devastating news of all. What age was your son?. I would give everything I have to bring my son back. I miss him, I cry for him, I talk to him. But it won’t change anything. We have to keep living in this world for now. Our support is in each other, we share the pain. Thinking of you x