Three year on.

So it’s been three years since losing my wonderful soulmate :cry::broken_heart::cry: I still miss him so very much and I will never forget him, but I have this friend who says he has fallen in love with me and wants us to become a couple :cry: trouble is I feel as if I’m breaking my promise to my husband :cry: I promised him I would always be his wife, but I get so lonely and I’m only 60. Should I be feeling guilty? Can anyone help please?


What do you think would make you happy? I’m sure that’s what your husband would want. If it was me that was gone I’d want my wife to smile as she once smiled with me.


What does your gut tell you. Take it slow and see how you feel. If it’s not right you will know. Make sure you’re moving forward for the right reasons. Being lonely isn’t a reason to be with someone. If you feel the same as him then go for it.


Thank you :blush:, I have know this man for over 45 years. We grew up together then went our own ways in life, but we always stayed friends, and yes I do have feelings for him, but I don’t want to hurt my husband’s feelings :cry::broken_heart::cry::two_hearts: I know he has passed over, but I am sure he is still with me every day


I understand that guilt but only you can decide if it’s the right thing for you just now. Sorry, not being that helpful lol but I’m sure you know what I mean. Good luck.


@Nichola1 that is a hard one as it seems that you was with your husband for a long time and he was your soulmate. It is natural that you are going to feel guilty and thinking that you will be betraying your husband. Did you ever get the chance to speak to your husband about if one of you died. I didn’t as my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly. We never had that conversation. Do you feel that you could love again? Could you be companions and just good friends if you feel you are not ready. Only you will know. Take care and hope everything works out for you what ever your path takes you Xx


I believe Life is for the living.& you are entitled to be happy again. I have been married twice & both my husbands died.first when l was 42.& my second last November.l loved them both with all my heart.very different men but both adored me & l cared for both at home .both died of cancer & l held there hands at the end. so l would say be open.go for it.what have you got to are still a young women at 60 & could have a lot of years left.l believe Our husbands are gone to the Spirit World & are happy & would want us to be happy.So good luck &. enjoy have be unhappy long enought


Thank you so very much :blush::heart::blush:

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