Time doesn't heal

Why does everybody think I’m ok now? I’m not, it’s getting worse. I should have gone with him. :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


Hello Suzanne13
So sorry for your loss. We all understand your pain on here.
Unfortunately people don’t understand how we feel unless they’ve loss someone special, they truly don’t know the utter despair, anger, guilt, sadness and yearning we have for our loved one who died. We will grieve for a very long time, some does we cope and other days we don’t.
I know this sounds cruel but one day the person who said this comment will experience the same devastation we are going through and maybe, they will remember how they expected you to feel so early on in your grief.
Sending a warm hug
Amy x :broken_heart:

So sorry for your loss
Lost my husband December the 5th
I don’t want to be here pain is unbearable
I am getting help from my doctor and mental health doctor
They really are trying to help
I struggle every min off the day miss Andy so much
Sobbing now wow so painful
Take care xx


I’m so sorry for your loss and the way you are feeling. I lost my husband almost 2 months ago suddenly aswell and the pain is unbearable, I also think it gets worse, I’m back at work now as I have 2 young children to raise and a mortgage to pay alone now :pensive: but because I’m “getting on” with life as people put it, they assume I’m ok and doing really well. All I want is to be with my husband, I feel for you when you say you should have gone with him, i feel that way too, but i have got to keep going for my children. I can’t imagine life without him, I want to get off this ride they call life :disappointed_relieved:.

Please stay strong (easier said than done I know)
Love and hugs
Sarah x

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We all seem to put on a mask in front. Of people but when we are alone we rip our hearts out in grief, trying to carry on is so very hard but we have to try ashard as we can but when you have the financial tasks you have to work, no one knows what you are going through when you do your job and carrying on for your children is very commendable. You are not alone rant on this site share on this site but stay safe look after yourself