Time goes by

Time goes by but not for me I’m still as overwhelmed with grief as I was in August when jim died. Now I have to say jim died last year and people seem to think I should be getting over it being last year NO I will never get over it and never forget my hubby we was together for 23years we had plans for our silver wedding but that will never be now. Also my 60th this year we had booked a holiday that will not happen now instead I will be having my 60th bday on my own at home no loving card it means nothing now I wish it’s my last bday I want to be with Jim hate it all now


Hi Misprint

I lost my husband in March last year. Each day I get up, walk the dog, do the housework, eat my meals and then go to bed, lonely.

I have come to realise that this isn’t really living, I’m just going through the motions. I go out occasionally and smile and some times laugh but it’s as though I’m living in 2 different worlds.
Even now I sometimes think / hope it’s all a bad dream.
I have had a few disastrous relations before I met Martin, we met only 17 years ago. They were the best years of my life. I don’t understand why I have had this kind, loving, generous, funny man taken from me. :broken_heart:

I wonder if I will ever be truly happy again, probably not. I except my life will be solo even though I am only 58. But I’m fine with that. Strangely I also no longer fear death.

I’m sorry that you are suffering.
It’s all so horrible

Dee xx


I feel the same Steve passed away 15 weeks ago I’m completely crushed never get over this,so many plans all gone,still find it hard to believe he’s not coming back,feel I can’t breathe at times

Take care

Christine x


I felt like the end of my life, when my many loved ones died, my sister 60 last week, your husband is still with you in Yr heart, he didn’t want to go, life is precious and a gift, please don’t waste it, I know it’s hard, hard to sleep, eat, get out of bed, to remember the goods times, when you want more. Live every day like it’s Yr last, I find taking a walk, looking at birds, flowers, trees, don’t sit in, Yr husband would be sad, he knows you love him still, I believe our loved ones feel our pain and love, I’m sending you postive vibes and strength my dear, praying too, I feel close to my sister in church when I pray and light candles, her funeral is sokn​:pray::four_leaf_clover: