Time lost

I feel so sad at all the lost time we could have spend together. My husband was always committed to other things and so busy. I know he did this to help us and make a good life for us and I appreciate this with all my heart, but oh I wish we could have spent those minutes enjoying his life and shareing precious moments with me. Although I should not worry too much as we did do a lot. I know we had our stresses like everyone, but life could have been so much worse. I am grateful for having my two children and my pets and all our lovely holidays.

Sorry for your loss Sugar, It’s so tough I know, my wife passed away suddenly on the 23rd of May. Like you I miss her dreadfully and don’t know how I will cope without her. I try and remember the good time as you are but i feel like ive been cut in two, they say time heals but its going to take a very long time, i know that, Im glad you have your children and pets for support, ive support via the phone but I’m bouncing off the walls in our home on my own, I cant give you advise but I fully understand the emotions your going through.

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Hi to you both, it is very hard, we have no idea until it happens and then we are totally lost and it’s hard. It does get easier, sorry that’s not true, it’s more like you learn to live with it. The last spring/summer we had together I was hoping to run a marathon in the November but on May Day I pulled a muscle and then a second one, so we had all that extra time together. We sat in the garden, went for short walks around the village and went on short trips. By Christmas I know there was something wrong and then as they say the rest is history. But I always feel thankful for that time, I would give anything to relive that time but I know that’s all gone. I just have to get on with what I have. I know how lucky I have been to have known such love and friendship. Blessings to you both, take care. S xxx

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Hi Sugar,
I am devastated as well as I lost my husband 26th of May this year left with my 7 year old boy. He was only 39 years old. He was so hard working, positive and had best heart. He wanted to make sure his family is ok all the time so worked hard get stressed and now I am thinking was it worth it? Because we have done so many things all incompleted.
It may worth it as he loved his family and his job. He was so dedicated but I still can not stop saying I wish that he did not work that hard spent time more with him.

I can not change it I have to live with is as my love has gone forever and it is killing me.

Sorry to hear of your loss. Your husband was so young these things should never happen. I nearly lost my husband many years ago he was stressed and over worked and I did not see him often I wondered if it was worth it , but he did not want to let his family down. Hope you and your son cope with your sadness and things get easier as time goes by.

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