Time since passing

It’s been four weeks since I lost my Darling wife, Bev.
Her death was completely unexpected and I feel so ‘lost’ at the moment.
Time doesn’t seem to have any relevance and my life feels ‘unbalanced’ after 37 happy years together.
I hear all the cliché’s, but the time relevance is a problem x

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Hi @SenorPablo1966 . Nothing makes much sense early in the journey.
For me it felt like wandering around in a thick fog, whilst having a nightmare. (Another cliche, sorry) .
All we can do is battle on while the fog clears, which it will! Lean on your friends. Good luck.

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So sorry for your loss . I’m just six weeks since I lost my gorgeous Bry, also suddenly & complete shock.

It going to be the hardest thing you go through . I don’t have lots of positivity at this stage , I’m sorry apart from keep reaching out to this group as we all know how it feels & there is no judgement.

Sending hugs x