Time to grieve

In 2020 on 11/1 my brother in law passed away aged only 65. On 22/1 my father passed away aged 84 it was a difficult time for our family. In august 2020 my 85 year old mother fell and broke her hip resulting in a hip replacement. Another difficult time due to Covid restrictions. In September 2020 I had an operation to remove my gallbladder once again during covid restrictions

In November 2021 my husband fell down the stairs resulting in a stroke. He was in hospital for 5 weeks and residential rehabilitation for a further 11 weeks and then had 7 months further physio and rehab and has right leg weakness and some cognitive issues so he relies on me quite a lot. His stroke has been life changing for us both.
I am currently on a low dosage anti depressant

In August my mum was diagnosed with cancer and deteriorated quickly resulting in her passing away on 8 november 2022

Earlier this year my brother was diagnosed with cancer. He had an op three weeks ago and is hopefully going to recover well.

I feel I haven’t had time to grieve anyone properly


It’s hard isn’t it when you’re coping with one loss after another. I feel I’ve shut down, that I’m not only not grieving the most recent loss (my father is August 23) but have stopped grieving for the rest. It’s like a shutter comes down at the slightest hint of emotion. I know it’s the brain’s way of protecting me, but that doesn’t help. All I can offer is be kind to yourself, there’s no right or wrong way, only what is at any given time xx