Time to have a Christmas

Hello everyone
This time of year I don’t need reminding that my mum isn’t going to be with my dad and I for Christmas
For over 6 years I haven’t even put up tree a 7 foot one
I never felt like it. It never felt right whilst all the time in the back of my mind mg mum always put up the tree and she made Christmas for mg dad and I.
I remember every Christmas growing up to now being an adult how my. Mum told me to stay out of the kitchen how I miss that so much.
So this year that expensive tree gathering dust is going up in in the living room and we will have a Christmas sort of a Christmas. I can’t continue to let my grief control how I feel
I know it’s what my mum would want.


Good for you Steven have a great time xx

Your mum will be smiling down on you @Steven. :heart_eyes:

She sure will. Id give anything to see my mums smile. It always lit up the room. My smile had gone for a sadness in my heart and soul. Sorry I’m getting away with myself I just refuse to accept my mum has gone
Christmas makes it so much worse I can’t put a percentage on it My dad who I live with must feel it more than me. He would do my mum was his life married for over 50 years. I can see how it’s tearing him apart like it is me but I can’t imagine his pain.
Do this Christmas my dad and I will drink to my mum and share in our memories